How to Access the Web Admin Page of a Cradlepoint Device

If you just got your hands on a new Cradlepoint device and you are trying to access the web admin page through a local connection, this article provides the steps required.

To access (locally) the web admin page of a Cradlepoint you would need:
1. An Ethernet cable
2. Computer

Step by step instructions: 

1. Connect an Ethernet Cable to the LAN port of the Cradlepoint and the other end to your computer.

2. Open up Chrome or Firefox web browser (Internet Explorer not recommended).

3. In the address bar, type: or http://cp/ and press Enter.
Note: Cradlepoint CBA550 uses

You should now see the web admin page (screenshot below).

4. To login type in the user name and password.

Default user name: admin
Default password: listed on the device label (device label is located on the backside of the device)

  • Cradlepoints manufactured before December 2018 use the last 8 characters of the MAC address for default password.
  • Cradlepoints manufactured after December 2018 use the Serial Number for default password.

The password is case sensitive!

The same principle for the default password applies for the Cradlepoint Wi-Fi password.

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