Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager Mobile App!

The power of managing your Cradlepoint devices is now available on your phone or tablet.  How is this possible?  Go ahead and download the NetCloud Manager Mobile app from    Apple Store or Google Play and give it a try!

Cradlepoint NetCloud Mobile app makes it easy to manage your NetCloud Service, routers, and other Cradlepoint endpoints.  Some of the benefits of the app are alert notifications, view router status, dashboards, LTE signal strength, initiate tests and even force a reboot from any location.  The app gives the users/managers the flexibility to manage critical company resources, ensure network up-time, and increase productivity.

Key features:
  • Dashboard of network status with highlights of most recent alerts
  • Endpoint list (with sorting) and the ability to drill into status and details about connections and configuration
  • Usage and signal strength data on the network interfaces fro your endpoints
  • GeoView details for your endpoints
  • Troubleshooting tools (ping, traceroute, speed test, etc.) on endpoints to allow Admins to keep the network running smoothly
  • Alerts and activity logs
  • Visibility into perimeter network and client status

In order to use NetCloud Manager Mobile, the user must have authorized access to NetCloud Manager and at least one active NetCloud Service Plan.



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