Moxa MXview 3.0 – Visualize and Manage your Industrial Network

Do you know what switches you have in your network? Do you know how they are interconnected? Do you know if all your switches meet certain security policies? Or if you are building your network from scratch, how are you going to keep track of everything as the network scales?

The answer is simple. You need a comprehensive, all-in-one, centralized management platform. Introducing Moxa’s new and improved MXview 3.0. This network management software allows you to configure, monitor and diagnose networking devices in your industrial network. Depending on which license you buy, MXview will scan and discover up to 2000 network devices. It will then visualize the topology, showing the physical connections. It will even show you the different VLANs and group the devices accordingly. With all this setup for you in one easy dashboard view, you can now do mass configurations or firmware upgrades. MXview will scale with you, it can do up to 10 servers with 2000 nodes each for a total of 20,000 devices!

So far, so good right? But you’ve also been tasked with needing to keep up with today’s new security standards, such as IEC 62443. MXview can help you with that aspect as well by utilizing the “Security View” of the topology. This view color codes what switches are in compliance and which ones are not. It will tell you which security policies are not being met so you can fix it. MXview also has Real-time Security Event and Logging. You can configure event notification alarms and have them sent via SMS, Email or SNMP traps. MXview supports the use of a Syslog server for easy centralized message/notification management.

MXview 3.0 is now easier than ever to use. There is no additional application software to install. You can use ANY web client on ANY OS system. Chrome or Firefox is preferred but again not required. The web GUI utilizes HTML5 and Responsive Web Design instead of JAVA for better user experience. Need to check status of a device but not at a computer? No problem because Moxa has the MXview ToGo mobile app as well! The app is found on your usual app store. If you have a purchased older version, you can upgrade to 3.0 for free!

These are just some of the main highlights of MXview 3.0. If you’re still not convinced, Moxa has two ways for you to try it out. First, a 60-day free trial that does NOT require a license. This trial allows full access and lets you go up to the max of 2000 nodes. The second way does require you to register the system, but you get a free version for up to 20 nodes. There is no time limit for the free version. For reference, the smallest license you can purchase is 50 nodes.

Check out this quick video from Moxa that gives a great overview of MXview 3.0.