Configure WAN (Remote) Access Settings on Digi Device

WARNING: In today's dismal climate of malware and hacking attacks perpetrated by malicious actors on the Internet, great caution should be exercised when exposing access of network equipment to the public Internet.  Enabling administrative access to devices from the WAN should only be configured as a last resort and in accordance with your company's security policies.  Instead, INS highly recommends use of the manufacturer's secure cloud hosted management solution - Digi Remote Manager (DRM).  For more information, please visit the DRM product page link at the bottom of this article.

Follow the steps below to disable remote access on a Digi Transport router.  This will prevent users from remotely managing the router via Telnet, FTP, or the web interface through the cellular interface (PPP 1).

Step 1: Login into the admin page (locally) 
Step 2: Navigate to Configuration - Network > Interfaces > Advanced > PPP 1 
Step 3: Remote management > choose Disable management
Step 4: Click Apply
Step 5: Click "here" next to the Apply button > Save All > Reboot

We highly recommend changing the default login credentials to secure the device from unauthorized access/logins.

If (after ensuring Remote management access is set to Disable management) you are still able to remotely connect to your router, then this requires more advanced troubleshooting which is beyond the scope of this post. Give us a call and one of our application engineers can assist.

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