Sierra Wireless Technical Bulletin: IoTroop/Reaper Malware

Sierra Wireless has observed IoTroop/Reaper infecting Airlink gateways running older firmware, using default user or viewer passwords and that are directly reachable from the public internet. 

If you have a Sierra Wireless Airlink gateway with a public internet reachable IP address, it is highly recommended that you follow the steps included in the bulletin immediately.

The link below contains the latest technical bulletin and provides details about the issue and affected products along with instruction on recommended actions.

Sierra Wireless Technical Bulletin: IoTroop/Reaper Malware

The Airlink Management Service (ALMS) is a secure cloud-based device management application that makes it easy to configure and update any number of Sierra Wireless gateways remotely. If you have multiple gateways and do not currently subscribe to ALMS, you can sign up (max of 15 devices for free tier ALMS) by visiting our website link: ALMS Management Software

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