Configure IP Passthrough on Sierra Wireless Modems (ALEOS 4.8.x and newer)

ALEOS 4.8.0 brings new features and enhancements to the Sierra Wireless gateways. If you have a gateway on ALEOS firmware 4.8.0/newer and trying to configure (enable) IP Passthrough, there's two steps:
  1. Enable IP Passthrough
  2. Enable DMZ
Read on for step by step directions...

Web AceManager
  1. Login to AceManager 
  2. Navigate to the LAN tab. From the DHCP Addressing section, find and expand IP Passthrough.  Make the following changes:
    • IP Passthrough: Ethernet
    • IP Passthrough Mode: First Host
    • IP Passthrough Subnet Mask:
    • Reset Host Interface: Enable
    • MAC Address: (leave at defaults)
  3. Click Apply
  4. Navigate to Security -Port Forwarding -DMZ Host Enabled. Make the following changes:
    • DMZ Host Enabled: Automatic
  5. Click Apply
  6. Click Reboot and verify the modem reboot.

After the gateway reboots and connects to the cellular network, the Ethernet LAN device connected to the gateway should now obtain the WAN IP of the Sierra Wireless gateway (allow upto 3 minutes). 

To disable IP Passthrough:
  1. set IP Passthrough to Disabled. Click Apply.
  2. set DMZ Host Enabled to Disable. Click Apply.
  3. Click Reboot and verify the modem reboot.
Note: It is recommended to reboot the Sierra Gateway before connecting to another Ethernet LAN device when configured for IP Passthrough (ex: swapping from laptop/PC to Firewall/Router).

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