Endian 4i Edge 112 - Unprecedented Value Industrial Firewall

To put it simply, with the release of the 4i Edge 112, Endian has completely disrupted the industrial firewall market. We get many customer inquiries for two port industrial firewalls for a variety of applications: protection of control panel devices, 1:1 NAT application, remote access etc. and many times the offerings were deemed overkill particularly due to the associated price tag. Based on the same UTM 3.0 software as its multi-port siblings, the 112 provides the user with best-in-class features at a previously UNHEARD OF price point. The 112 also provides power and mounting flexibility: 24VDC terminal block and DIN Rail for common industrial application or DC jack and desktop/wall mount. Take a look at all the features below or the full datasheet and give us a shout to discuss how the 112 can help you!

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