Configure IP Passthrough on Sierra Wireless Modems - Legacy (Raven X, XT, XE)

Depending on the firmware version of your modem, you may need to change the following settings to allow the Public IP address assigned to you by the carrier to be used by an attached device. The settings are labeled as "Public" mode and "Private" mode in the modem LAN settings. Public Mode will provide the carrier assigned IP settings directly to an attached client device though the modem Ethernet port transparently. This mode will only support one Ethernet client device and disables all routing and firewall functionality on the modem.

There are currently two different interfaces available to manage Sierra Wireless Raven devices:

AceManager Classic for Windows
  1. Connect to the modem with AceManager classic for windows
  2. Navigate to the PPP/Ethernet page. From the row labeled Host Public Mode, choose the drop down box on the New Value column and select 0 - Ethernet Uses Public IP
  3. Write the change to the modem and re-boot

AceManager Web
  1. Connect to the modem with AceManager Web
  2. Navigate to the LAN tab
  3. Click the drop down box on the Host Public Mode and select Ethernet Uses Public IP
  4. Apply the change to the modem and re-boot

The modem will now pass addressing information from the carrier to an attached device set to accept DHCP. Because of the difference in Ethernet chip sets and possible synchronization issues, we recommend to "Hard code" the IP settings provided by the modem in the Ethernet settings of client devices.