Hirschmann Auto Configuration Adapter - ACA 21

The Hirschmann ACA 21 enables a managed switch to be easily commissioned and quickly replaced in the event of switch failure. Backing up a managed switch's configuration is a quick and easy process as shown in the pictures below.

Plug the ACA into the managed switch via the USB port (or M12 port depending on the ACA and switch model). Log into the switch using HiView and go to the Load/Save Page. Notice the status field under the AutoConfiguration Adapter section shows "notInSync". To sync the ACA with the switch's current configuration, click save and then reload.
Now the status is "ok".  It is now safe to unplug the ACA for and store for future use to load the configuration when/if required.

You can also plug the ACA 21-USB into your PC and use a file explorer to confirm the configuration file has been saved.

To load the saved configuration from the ACA to a switch, with the switch powered down plug in the ACA and power the switch back on. During the boot process, Hirschmann switches will check for a connected ACA for a configuration to load before looking at the switch's saved configuration.

Another benefit of the ACA is for switch firmware upgrades. In the same manner as the configuration files, Hirschmann switches will look for firmware updates on the ACA during the boot process. Refer to the related posts below for additional information on upgrading firmware on Hirschmann managed switches.

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