Amazon AWS, Inductive Automation Ignition, and Secomea

In our first post on Secomea, we alluded to the possibility of "persistent/always-on data collection from your comany's own HQ/Datacenter to remote sites." We said "No problem. Purchase your own GateManager (available as hardware or virtual appliance) and configure all your existing Site Managers to connect to it."

Well as it turns out, many of you were waiting for a solution just like this. In recent months we have had many customers looking to run Inductive Automation's Ignition platform in Amazon Web Services (AWS) but they had trouble securely and easily connecting Ignition to remote PLCs. Enter Secomea's Relay Chains feature. As pictured below, if purchasing your own GateManager you can configure "relays" which allow an application at your main site to communicate directly with devices and services running behind remote SiteManagers.

Figure 1: PULL-Data using GateManager-to-SiteManager Relay chain
And just as in Secomea's remote access solution, these SiteManagers could be connected to the internet via cellular, or even behind existing firewalls. All that is required for the solution to work is that the SiteManagers have outbound access to reach the GateManager which is done over commonly open ports. 

A few points of discussion:

1) How do I get my own GateManager in AWS? 

Secomea has created a GateManager AMI for AWS? You'll find it in the Community AMIs section of the AWS Marketplace by searching "Secomea."

2) What about security? 

This device relay communication is protected using the same TLS security as the rest of the solution. Read more about Secomea security here.

3) What if I need help?

INS can provide technical support for this deployment or can provide full configuration services to help you deploy a GateManager from scratch and setup your device relays!

The beauty of the solution is it adapts to most any environment. AWS and Ignition are just examples of platforms we have already built on, but even if your datacenter or dashboard are different it can adapt to that too. Give us a call to discuss your application today.

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