Tofino Xenon and Tofino Configurator

If you haven't heard, the End-of-Life process has been initiated for the Eagle 20 Tofino and the Tofino Argon product families. The good news is Tofino's next-generation solution Tofino Xenon and Configurator is here and better than ever.

For a comprehensive review of this new solution, we highly recommend  viewing this presentation and this video.

Key highlights include: 
      -CMP (Central Management Platform) is gone. Its replacement, Tofino Configurator is a free download from Tofino Security. You'll simply need a License Key that is provided with your purchased appliance.

      -If you prefer to manage your Xenons offline by creating configurations on USB sticks and loading via USB, there are no additional fees for Tofino Configurator or associated fees for the Xenon appliances. If you do want to manage your Xenons over the network, then a new LSM called the NetConnect LSM is required for each Xenon appliance.

      -No more "empty" out-of-box Tofinos! The Xenon appliance always ships at a minimum with Firewall and Event Logger LSMs. You can select additional LSMs to ship factory-installed if desired or add LSMs to a Xenon by purchasing later. You cannot; however, move LSMs between Xenons later.

      -OPC, Modbus TCP, and Ethernet/IP (native Ethernet/IP for ControlLogix), DNP3, and IEC104 LSMs are available for Xenon today. Future Tofino Configurator software releases will include additional deep packet inspection LSMs such as GOOSE etc.

      -There is an online license activation portal (24/7) so you can setup or add to your Xenon from the minute you receive it. No more waiting on Tofino for activations.
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        The changes made for the latest platform directly address customer feedback received over the last few years to provide a better experience. Also useful is a the Product Configurator which helps you build a Xenon part number based on the options desired. Click the green button at the top right of the page. 

        Finally, this video provides a complete Tofino demonstration.

        As always, give us a call to discuss your needs and we'll help put together the best next-generation solution for you.  

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