Endian - UTM 3.0 and Industrial 4i Edge 313 and 515

With the release of Endian 3.0, the most powerful open-source Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution has taken a significant step forward by addressing three major areas: Next-Generation VPN technology has all new features and performance improvements, Application Control capability is now built into the firewall, and Real-Time Network Visualization and Reporting functionality. There are a ton of other new and exciting features packed in this release as well. Some of the highlights include all new next-generation Application Control capability; a revamped and seriously upgraded VPN module that now includes central user authentication (AD/LDAP); full HTTPS inspection and blocking capability; email quarantine web interface; hotspot improvements and much more. 

For a deeper dive into UTM 3.0, take a look at the datasheet and the whitepaper on its release.

We're not done yet! Coming on the heels of UTM 3.0 is the latest generation of industrial products from Endian, namely the 4i Edge 313 and 4i Edge 515. Here is a nice overview of the two models:

Over the previous generation 4i Edge 500, we see:
  • More than two ports, which brings support for redundant WAN/WAN failover, dedicated DMZ, or other third and fourth dedicated network zones
  • Gigabit line speed ports
  • Serial over IP capability
  • Digital Input/Output (GUI configuration coming soon)
  • Substantially increased feature stack and performance through the new UTM 3.0 software platform
  • More functionality and performance for less cost 

These new models push Endian out in front for industrial UTM offerings. Give us a call today to discuss your application and how Endian can address your security needs.

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