Sierra Wireless USB Network Connection Driver Installation

Sierra Wireless modems come with a full-featured graphical user interface (GUI) accessible from your computer's web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.). However, some of their modems do not come with an ethernet port, or the ethernet port is being used by another device.  In these cases Sierra wireless has built in a mini USB port that can be used to access its Web GUI. This post shows how to install the required USB to ethernet driver.

The example below is for a Verizon Raven XT. The steps are the same for AT&T with the exception of the driver download link.

Go to the following links and download the USB driver for your operating system.
USB Ethernet driver for Windows XP and Windows 7 SP1

Save the .inf file to your desktop.

Connect the Raven XT to your PC with a mini USB to USB Cable.

Open your Device manager and find the “GenX” device under Other Devices.

Right-click on the GenX device and select “Update Driver Software”

Select “Browse my computer for driver software”, and select the .inf file you saved to your Desktop.

You will receive a warning, select “Install this driver anyway”

There should now be an “AirLink USB Ethernet” device listed under Network Adapters.

To connect to the Raven XT web GUI, open a web browser and enter
(Note: The IP address for the USB connection is different than Sierra Wireless ethernet connections.)

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