Sierra Wireless Airlink GX440/ES440 Verizon Radio Module Corruption Bulletin

A product notice for Verizon GX440 and ES440 units was issued May 23, 2014. The AirLink GX440 and ES440 for Verizon employ the MC7750 radio module which is susceptible to a file system corruption issue referred to as EFS corruption. This issue is remedied in the MC7750 module firmware release. This document describes the issue and provides a timeline for the deployment of the firmware for the GX440 and ES440 platforms.

Issue Description
When module file system corruption occurs in a GX440 or ES440, the resulting symptoms can vary depending on the ALEOS firmware version running on the device and the severity of the corruption. In most cases the unit is rendered unusable as a gateway.

For a list of units affected and technical solution, please view full product notice linked below.  In addition, for recommended upgrade practices view the ALEOS Release Notes.

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