Remote Access Reinvented for M2M, the IoT, and Everything In Between by Secomea

The world is buzzing with discussion of M2M (machine-to-machine) networking and the IoT (Internet of Things). Without a doubt we are living in a hyper-connected world and the desire to remotely access devices, collect data from multiple sites, and do so while mobile is only increasing. One thing this ever-increasing need has exposed is the fact that "traditional" (IPSec-based) or even second generation VPN technologies (SSL/OpenVPN-based) are not always capable or certainly not ideal for this evolving requirement.

Secomea (SEcure COmmunications Made EAsy) has reimagined these applications and developed a solution which is secure, adaptable, and scalable to grow with your needs. Based on TLS/SSL proxy technology, the solution primarily consists of three components: the SiteManager the GateManager, LinkManager and/or LinkManager Mobile.

And the beauty of the solution? It evolves with you.  

Only need on-demand remote access today? Purchase one or more SiteManagers and leverage a free Secomea-hosted GateManager to make your remote connection. Fast forward one year and decide you'd prefer persistent/always-on data collection from your company's own HQ/Datacenter to your remote sites? No problem. Purchase your own GateManager (available as hardware or virtual appliance) and configure all your existing SiteManagers to connect to it instead. Did I mention this change can be made remotely? And did I mention your IP addressing scheme doesn't need to change, even if you have overlapping addresses at every location? Secomea has put together a very innovative solution; give us a shout to discuss your application today.     

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