Configure a Sierra Wireless Cellular Modem for use with a Static IP Controller

In order to route data and communication properly between the cellular gateway and the Static IP Controller, ensure the settings on each device is configured in the manner listed below:

In the Sierra Modem:
1. Log into AceManager.
2. Go to LAN-> Ethernet and change the DHCP start and end range to Click Apply.

3. Go to Security->Port Forwarding, Change the DMZ to Manual and set the IP to Click Apply.

4. Reboot the modem.

In the Static IP Controller:
Set a static IP with the following characteristics:
       Default Gateway:

To verify that the modem can "talk" to the controller:
   - In AceManager, go to Admin->Advanced->Ping.
   - Enter the Controller IP - and click Ping Now. If you get replies back, then the setup is successful.

Call or email us if you have any questions/issues.

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