I want failover. Which cellular gateway do I need and where do I put it?

"I just purchased a cellular gateway for failover. Do I put it in behind my existing router/firewall or in front of it?"

"I'd like to purchase a cellular gateway for failover. Do I replace my existing firewall/router with this gateway or add to it?"

We get variations of the above questions often and for good reason. It can be difficult to determine which of the many available options are the best fit for your specific application. In order to answer either question it is important to better understand your situation.

1) Do you want to keep your existing router/firewall? If you have an existing high performance router/firewall like a Cisco ASA and it has extra WAN ports available, you probably want to keep it in place and simply purchase a cellular gateway to act as an additional WAN connection (in front of your existing router). Tell our sales rep you just need a modem to use in "bridge" or "passthrough" mode in tandem with your existing router.

2) If you either don't have an existing high performance router/firewall or perhaps do, but want to consolidate hardware, you should consider purchasing a cellular gateway that was designed to be used independently as a branch office router or maybe even an enterprise router. These gateways can perform full router/firewall functions as well as accommodate attaching an existing Ethernet WAN connection (from DSL, Cable, etc.) as part of your failover architecture all in a single unit. Tell our sales rep you'd like a unit that can function as the only router/firewall with failover for a 5 person office, 20 person office, etc. 

Hopefully this gives you an idea of how to get started. Call us and our sales staff will help in selecting the cellular gateway that will work best for you.