HiView – the new way to interface with Hirschmann products

When attempting GUI management of Hirschmann switches and routers via a web browser, some customers experience login and operational difficulties related to their Java environment. Thankfully, Hirschmann has developed a utility, HiView, that eliminates all of the complications associated with the local machine Java revisions and updates.

HiView does not require any installation, does not alter any PC registry entries, and only writes information into its own folder. It even works directly from removable media such as USB drives and SD cards, for ultimate portability.

HiView displays a selection screen showing all the switches you have recently accessed, sorted by the frequency of accesses. Just click on any switch to open its graphical user interface or simply type the IP address of any new device you wish you add and hit "Open." You can always be sure that HiView is automatically using the most secure transmission protocol (HTTPS if configured).

Once a successful connection has been made, you will arrive at the typical login screen.

After logging in, you are greeted with the same powerful and intuitive GUI you've always enjoyed.

At this point you have full access to your Hirschmann device without any of the frustrations sometimes encountered with local Java revisions and updates. You can download this free utility via the link below.

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