Flexible PoE with Moxa INJ-24A PoE Plus Injector

We previously discussed a few PoE application challenges in this post. When considering a PoE application, several questions may come up regarding the Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) you are to supply. Should it be:
  • 802.3af or at?
  • Standard or high power?
  • Two-pair or four-pair?
  • Mode A or Mode B?

Wouldn't it be easier if you could purchase one model which could be configured for any of the injector choices above? Enter the INJ-24A series PoE+ injector from Moxa. This unique PoE injector features a DIP switch that allows the user to fully configure the output.

This device provides flexibility previously unavailable in the industrial market. Next time your application requires PoE injectors, consider the Moxa INJ-24A.

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