eWON Config Post 4: Connect to eWON and Remote Devices using eCatcher

In this post, we'll go through the steps required to connect to your eWON and remote devices using eCatcher. This post assumes you've completed all the other steps in this series. If you haven't, begin with the Related Posts referenced at the bottom of this post.

Ok, we've made it to the fun part. You're back at your office, hotel, etc. and you want to connect to your eWON in the field, and more importantly the PLC or other Ethernet device behind it. Open eCatcher, log in, and you should see your eWONs listed including their "Online" or "Offline" status (whether the eWON is connected to Talk2M).

You highlight the eWON you want to connect to and hit the green "Connect" button. You should then see a Vpn Connection popup dialog that steps through the following:

On the unfortunate occasion you see the following, it means the LAN subnet at your office overlaps the LAN subnet of the eWON/PLC and as this is a networking no-no, one subnet or the other will need to change for this scenario to work.

If all goes well; however, you should end up with a screen like below. You see now that you have an active connection listed.

Clicking the URL in the "Active Connection" list will take you to the eWON's web configuration if you have anything to check out there.

More importantly though, you should now be able to perform any Ethernet tasks with the PLC, etc. just as if you are connected on-site local to the device! How easy was that?

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