eWON Config Post 2a: Configure eWON Internet Access (Hardwired)

In this post, we'll go through the steps required to get your eWON connected to the Internet (Hardwired). This post assumes you've already taken the preliminary steps of Updating eBuddy, Setting the eWON IP Address, and Updating eWON Firmware.

With your PC configured such that it can reach the eWON LAN IP, type in the eWON LAN IP into your browser to reach its web configuration. You'll still be using device defaults "adm" username and "adm" password until you configure otherwise. You should see the following page.

After selecting "Configuration" at the top right of the above screen, you should now see the following:

Selecting "Wizards" leads you to this.

Next you select the button for "Configure INTERNET Connection" and for hardwired Internet connected to the eWON's WAN port you select "Ethernet WAN connection" as shown below. Ensure the check box for "Initialize configuration first" remains checked and select "Next > >"

On the following page, you configure the WAN connection properties. In many cases, the eWON can simply be left at the defaults of DHCP and DNS via DHCP. Hit "Next > >" again.

The next screen allows you to test your Internet connection. Leave the "Test online address" option checked and select "Test > >" The eWON will step through a series of tests and if all goes well you should see the following.

This confirms that your eWON is successfully connected to the Internet. Let's continue by Configuring eWON Connection to Talk2M.

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