Endian - VPN Flexibility

One of my favorite things about Endian is how absolutely flexible their products are when it comes to VPN functionality. Endian supports both IPSec and OpenVPN and therefore can connect with many different devices and software clients. Here are just a few examples I’ve tested successfully in our lab.

Let's start with making a site-to-site OpenVPN connection between two Endian appliances:

Next, how about connecting to an appliance from a different manufacturer? Here we connect a Moxa EDR-G903 to an Endian via IPSec:

What about a cellular modem? In this drawing we connect a Sierra Wireless Airlink Raven X directly to an Endian over IPSec:

Finally, what about Road Warrior connections? In this YouTube clip, I demonstrate my laptop connecting to an Endian appliance with FOUR different software clients (one IPSec and three OpenVPN):

I’ve tested a number of other scenarios as well, but I think my point is clear: Endian offers extreme flexibility for VPN connectivity.

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