Display Frame Rate in Live Image of Mobotix IP Camera

When configuring a Mobotix IP Camera for the best balance of resolution, quality, and frame rate, it can help to display the current frame rate on the live image so you can see the frame rate while making adjustments. Let’s take a look at how to accomplish just that.

You see here that to begin, we have no text in the top left corner of our live image:

Open the Setup Menu and select Text & Display Settings.

We will be populating the empty window to the left of “Comment”. If you’d like to take a look at all the various items you can display, feel free to click on the “comment variables” and “variables” hyperlinks over to the right. 

Using the second link we see that $(IMG.FRJ) is described as the Frame rate of JPEG/MxPEG conversion so this is what we will use. 

In the empty dialog box, I place “$(IMG.FRJ )   FPS” and then hit Set down at the bottom to apply my changes. I choose to put three spaces after the variable to allow for room and “FPS” as shorthand for frames per second.

Now we see the frame rate displayed in the live image. You’ll notice this frame rate go up and down with various configuration, and you can use this as a guide to reach your ideal balance. As a note, the human eye typically perceives anything at 13 FPS or higher as full motion.

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