Assign an IP Address to a Moxa Managed Switch using the Ethernet Switch Configurator

The first configuration step for a brand new switch is the assignment of a management IP address. The easiest way to accomplish this is using the Ethernet Switch and Video Server Configurator.   

1) Install the application onto your laptop. The latest version of the software can be downloaded from the Drivers&Software>Utilities page for any managed switch on Moxa's website.

2) Power up the switch.

3) Connect an Ethernet cable between your laptop and the switch.

4) Open the application on your laptop and you will see the following after clicking the Broadcast Search button at the top left. The application will list all Moxa switches on the same layer 2 connected network.

5) If it's a brand new switch out of the box, you can simply double-click the corresponding row and you will be greeted with the following: 

6) Configure the desired parameters, hit OK, and the changes will be saved to the switch.  

7) All switch features can now be accessed via the web interface at the address that was just configured!

8) Note, if you are changing the address of a previously configured switch, at Step 5 you will first have to "unlock" the switch by right clicking on the entry and selecting "Unlock." After typing in the admin password, you will be able to double click and continue with the remaining steps.