Assign an IP Address to a Hirschmann Managed Switch using HiDiscovery

The first configuration step for a brand new switch is the assignment of a management IP address. The easiest way to accomplish this is using the HiDiscovery application.   

1) Install the HiDiscovery application onto your laptop. The latest version of the software can be downloaded from Hirschmann’s FTP site: 

2) Power up the switch.

3) Connect an Ethernet cable between your laptop and the switch.

4) Open the HiDiscovery application on your laptop and you will see the following. HiDiscovery will list all Hirschmann switches on the same layer 2 connected network.

5) To configure the IP address, simply double click on the switch you want to configure (identified by the switch’s MAC address) and the following dialog box will appear.  

6) Configure the addressing, hit OK, and the changes will be saved to the switch.  

7) Now the switch can be configured via the newly assigned IP. To avoid any potential Java browser issues, consider using Hirschmann's new HiView tool to manage the switch.

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