Save Configuration Changes on Hirschmann Managed Switches

On Hirschmann managed switches changes made to the switch are applied to the running configuration immediately when the user hits “Set” on an individual settings page; however, these changes are not saved to NVRAM/Flash memory until the user explicitly does so on the Load/Save page. Therefore, if a user makes changes to the switch but fails to save these changes to NVRAM via the Load/Save page, these changes will be lost on a power cycle. This “Save – To Device” step is comparable to the “copy running-config startup-config” or “write memory” step required on a Cisco switch.

Let's take a look at how to properly save changes to NVRAM on a Hirschmann Managed Switch.

1 – Original With No Changes

Note the blue floppy disk icon next to Load/Save under Basic Settings. This blue floppy disk icon indicates that the running config and the startup config are equal; that a power cycle will result in no settings being lost.

2 – Changes Set But Not Yet Saved To Flash

Here I have changed the switch name and hit set at the bottom of the screen. Note that the Load/Save icon has changed from a blue floppy disk to a Yellow Triangle with Exclamation Point; this symbol identifies to the user that changes have been made to the running-config but have NOT yet been saved to NVRAM. These changes will be lost on a power cycle if no further action is taken.

3 – Load/Save Dialog

Under Basic Settings>Load/Save, this is where you can save settings to NVRAM. Under the row marked Save, ensure the radio button is set for “To Device” and then hit the button marked “Save” at the end of the row.

4 – After Changes Saved to Flash

After hitting save in the previous step you should now see that the icon has changed back to a blue floppy disk symbol.

And there you have it. Once you see that blue floppy disk symbol, you can be confident that any changes you've made will persist through a power cycle.