Revised Innominate mGuard RS Recovery Procedure

For whatever reason, I find it difficult to achieve successful results with the recovery procedure in the manual. Over time, I developed the following revised procedure to achieve recovery on an Innominate mGuard RS.

1) Press the rescue switch button 6 times in a row, holding for approximately one second with each push. If performed correctly, the mGuard will respond with a solid green State light (lasts only 2-3 seconds) and a solid red Fault light.

2) Upon receipt of the solid green State light, press the rescue switch button 6 times again this time with 6 quick successive pushes (do NOT hold for 1 second each).

3) If everything was performed correctly, the switch reboots and you should be able to establish a link between the mGuard LAN port and your laptop. Configure your laptop IP to

4) If everything was not performed correctly, the mGuard responds after step 3 with a solid red Error light briefly.

5) Also occasionally after steps 1-3 the mGuard gets stuck responding with only power supply solid Green lights and a solid Fault light which remains on. In this case, reboot the mGuard by pressing and holding the rescue switch for 2-3 seconds.

6) Once steps 1 through 3 have completed correctly, attempt to access the mGuard at

7) If it does not respond, open up a command prompt and type exactly the following “arp –s aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa”.

8) Confirm the arp entry has been added by typing “arg –g” and checking the arp table for the entry you just added.

9) Attempt again to access the mGuard now at

10) If it is still not accessible, return to step 1.

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