Esteem Ethernet Radio Error on Restore

Restoring a configuration to an Esteem Ethernet Radio is a pretty straightforward procedure; however, some older firmware versions have a small bug that displays an error on restore attempt. Below I include the complete restore procedure including a workaround for that error.

1) Access the web configuration of the WAP by typing its IP address into a browser. That brings you to the following page.

2) Login using admin/private for read/write access.

3) Click on the tab along the top marked “Restore”. 

4) If you arrive at an ERROR page, replace “restore.frm” in the URL with “restore_file.frm” and hit enter. This is a bug in older Esteem firmware but replacing the URL as described is a functioning workaround. 

5) Follow along as prompted by the web interface to complete the restoration.

Ultimately, it would benefit you to update your radios to the latest firmware available to take advantage of new features and bug fixes, but this little workaround will at least keep you going until you have that opportunity. 

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