Configure IGMP on Hirschmann Managed Switches

Once a user learns about the potential impacts of multicasting (such as Allen Bradley Produce/Consume messaging) on a network that isn't configured for it, the next question is often "How do I configure my switches for it?" There isn't a perfect answer to this question as it can vary slightly with application, topology, producer/consumer location, etc; however, the following is a good general configuration to use in most small to medium applications.

Let's look at what we've configured in the above screenshot:

1) We enabled IGMP Snooping by setting the Operation to On.

2) We enabled IGMP Querier and selected Protocol Version 2, and left all intervals and times at defaults.

3) We configured Unknown Multicasts as Send to Query Ports and Known Multicasts as Send to registered Ports.

4) In the port-specific settings, we have set Static Query Port to automatic for any ports that connect to other switches. Additionally, we enable IGMP Forward All for ports that connect to other switches as part of a redundant topology.

You can use the above for all managed switches in the network. It's ok to set multiple switches as queriers when using Protocol Version 2, as this version includes an election process so only one switch will actively perform the querier role, but you'll have others available to perform the task if that switch goes down.